Zofran Birth Defect Lawyer in Chicago

Zofran Birth Defect Lawyer in Chicago

Zofran is a medicine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline which blocks certain chemicals responsible for the feeling of nausea. Zofran is a medicine used to prevent nausea and vomiting. Although it sounds like a harmless medicine, it has proven to cause significant damages when taken during pregnancy. Because of the components that Zofran possesses, it causes several damages when the baby is born. If you or anyone you know and love has taken this medication while being pregnant, you will require a Zofran birth defect lawyer in Chicago. This is why I will provide you with my experienced services for you to help receive compensation for the damages caused.

Wrongful Death

What does Zofran do?

This medicine was originally produced to fight the morning sickness caused by pregnancy. Regardless of the effectiveness of Zofran, it has been proven to cause serious complications to the babies born. These congenital defects all must do with the heart . These kind of defects might cause complications for life. Among these complications you will find tetralogy of Fallot, or the birth injury of a club foot.

Why you should hire a Zofran Birth Defect Lawyer in Chicago

Not only are these birth injuries dangerous and complicated for your baby, but they will also require open heart surgery, which, is also dangerous.The infant will require heart valve replacement surgery when they reach eleven years old.

As your child grows into an adult, the issues generated by Zofran will continue to damage their heart and their energy each year.All the treatments and medications that your child must undergo through their entire life are expensive.

If you or someone you know and love has been drinking Zofran during pregnancy contact me as soon as you can. You will definitely need a Zofran birth defect lawyer in Chicago.

Why you can win the case

Apart from causing all the health complications mentioned above, it is worthy to say that Zofran is not approved by the FDA. This makes the actions taken by GlaxoSmithKline even more negligent and irresponsible.

What makes things more controversial is that GlaxoSmithKline marketed this drug as a mean to fight the feeling of nausea caused by pregnancy.The FDA approved it in relation to chemotherapy. You can now know how strong and harmful this medicine is.

If your child has suffered any of this complications and you were unaware of the reason perhaps it is because you took Zofran while you were pregnant. If this is your case and your child has suffered severe damages, contact me as soon as you can. The sooner I get to handle your particular case the sooner I can provide you with the compensation you deserve.

This negligence definitely cannot go unseen. Many lives could be lost because of this deceiving medicine that does nothing but harm the health of millions of babies.

Contact me if you have any question regarding the defect that can be caused by Zofran. I will be glad to answer all your questions and clear all your doubts.

Remember that I will always be available to make sure that my clients´ rights are respected. I will receive help you receive appropriate compensation.


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