Do You Need to Retain an Attorney to Review Your Elmiron Vision Loss Case?

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If you’ve been taking Elmiron and have suffered vision loss, retaining an attorney to review your case can help determine if you should file a lawsuit. Experienced law firms in Chicago and elsewhere are taking Elmiron lawsuits and can assess the merits of your case in Chicago or elsewhere.  It’s essential to know some background information about Elmiron, the vision loss associated with the drug, and the possibility of pursuing a lawsuit. This information will help you decide if you need to retain an Elmiron Chicago attorney to review your case and possibly pursue a lawsuit.

What’s retinal pigmentary maculopathy?

Retinal pigmentary maculopathy is a disorder that affects the central portion of the retina. This portion is also known as the light-sensitive area of the eye. The condition is generally painless and affects both eyes. The progression of the disorder can sometimes take years to develop fully. Gradually, patients will notice some central vision loss, and when the condition reaches its final stage, lateral vision deteriorates as well.  Elmiron has been shown to be a cause of this condition.

retinal pigmentary maculopathy

What are the symptoms of retinal pigmentary maculopathy?

One of the first symptoms those suffering from the condition may notice is a dark spot in their vision when looking straight ahead. The dark spot grows and expands over time, obstructing a person’s vision. Another symptom you or someone with this condition may notice is a distorted vision. Objects look deformed to the viewer. In addition to these symptoms, others have experienced flashing lights, hallucinations, blurred vision, difficulty readjusting vision after being exposed to bright light, loss of color, and contrast sensitivity. An article written in the Journal of Ophthalmology found that Elmiron users had difficulty reading, and their vision took a long time adjusting to the dark. If you’ve experienced any of the symptoms, you should seek the evaluation of an eye care professional to get properly diagnosed.

Some eye care professionals, and this includes ophthalmologists who are medical doctors, are unaware Elmiron can cause these conditions.  This is probably due to urologists prescribing Elmiron who are unaware their patients are seeing eye professionals for this condition and in turn the eye professionals are unaware that Elmiron prescribed by urologists can cause this condition.  In Chicago, this has led to patients made aware of the relationship being the first to ask the urologists if they know the drug they prescribed can cause vision loss, and then once urologists know this and do their own medical research, they inform their Chicago area patients who they have on Elmiron prescriptions they need to be warned Elmiron can cause vision loss.  This can lead to the first discovery by these Chicago area patients who have experienced some types of vision loss complaints to seek medical treatment.

What causes pigmentary maculopathy?

Recent studies have linked this condition with the drug called Elmiron. This drug is taken by those who suffer from interstitial cystitis, which is also called painful bladder syndrome. One of the most prominent studies conducted was at Emory Eye Center in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2019, the eye center reported that ten patients had experienced pigmentary maculopathy with no known cause over the last four years. Those patients had taken Elmiron. Because of this connection, Dr. Jain and his colleagues warned that the long-term use of Elmiron might damage the retina.

Besides Emory Eye Center’s research, three ophthalmologists conducted another review of patients in Northern California. The researchers discovered that one-quarter of patients with significant exposure to Elmiron showed signs of eye damage. They concluded the medication might cause pattern dystrophy and age-related macular degeneration. All patients who’ve used Elmiron or are taking Elmiron should get screened by ophthalmologists if they’re experiencing unusual eye symptoms. If the ophthalmologist finds an eye disease, patients should immediately ask their urologists about discontinuing taking the drug.


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Am I at risk if I’ve taken Elmiron?

The main factor for the risk of developing maculopathy is the length of time an individual has taken Elmiron. The longer someone takes the drug, the more likely it is to experience the symptoms of pigmentary maculopathy. The patients that doctors diagnosed with the eye disorder had taken 200 and 400 milligrams daily for 15 years on average. Macular degeneration is generally associated with those in advanced age. One patient diagnosed at the Emory Eye Center was only 23. While that doesn’t completely prove Elmiron causes retinal pigmentary maculopathy, it’s strong evidence of a potential connection. If you believe that your vision loss may have been caused by taking this medication, you might qualify to file a lawsuit.  Consider retaining a Chicago area attorney as the initial consultation should be free of charge and cases are taken on a contingency fee, meaning that if there is no recovery you owe no attorney fee.

Is it possible to sue the drug manufacturer?

If you believe you developed maculopathy and were a long-term user of Elmiron, you might be able to sue the makers of the drug. Emory University researchers investigated the clinical trials of the drug in the 1990s. Their research discovered that 2,500 patients who took Elmiron for four years developed vision problems. The pharmaceutical company placed no warnings of vision loss on the label, and physicians never received these warnings either. Because of these factors, people are suing the Elmiron drug company for the damage caused to their eyes. Janssen Pharmaceuticals,  owned by Johnson & Johnson, is the current manufacturer and marketer of Elmiron. Many patients pay thousands of dollars for this medication due to a lack of substitute drugs produced to treat bladder pain syndrome.

How do I file a lawsuit?

Suing is the next step if you suspect Elmiron may have caused your vision loss. You can contact a lawyer who’s taking cases related to Elmiron. A lawyer can help you go through the process of putting together a civil lawsuit. Organize all of your medical records from your eye specialist and your primary care doctor. In addition, you will need to contact the pharmacy where you filled the Elmiron prescription so you have proof of usage of the drug.  Get the records as far back as they can specifically request they go into their archived records, not just what the pharmacist at the counter can provide to you.  A Chicago a law firm will compile all of your pharmacy records as proof you took Elmiron near the time you experienced vision problems. If the pharmacy does not have these records, the urologist should be able to show when he prescribed it and ordered refills.  These records will also establish the time you took the drug, which further helps prove it caused your vision loss. Your Chicago area attorney will work to gain you compensation for your losses when a settlement or verdict occurs whether you are in Chicago or elsewhere

What requirements should I meet to file an Elmiron lawsuit?

There are two general requirements for filing an Elmiron lawsuit. Patients need to have taken the prescription drug for at least two years. The vision changes need to begin either while on the drug or within a year of discontinuing it. These requirements correspond with the medical studies that have linked Elmiron to eye disease. But if you don’t fall within that criteria, you can still contact a lawyer taking Elmiron lawsuits to see if you can be an exception. Be aware that there may be a time limit to file your case, so you’ll want to contact a lawyer promptly. Most law firms won’t charge you for contacting them, as they generally offer free consultations. In these consultations, they can help you determine if you might have a case worth pursuing.

What questions will my lawyer ask me?

If you contact a lawyer to discuss your potential Elmiron lawsuit, they might want to ask you questions related to your experience with the drug. It’s critical that you answer these questions in as much detail as possible. Your Chicago attorney may ask you to describe the vision symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Additionally, they may want to know the treatment a medical provider recommended for the vision problems, if the treatment improved your condition, and what your medical provider told you about the chances of your vision improving.


elmiron lawsuit


How much will I receive in settlements?

In most cases related to drug manufacturer lawsuits, it takes many years to decide on the amount of compensation to pay. At this time, there are no settlements yet. If the litigation process gets to that stage, there will be a claim submission process. Claimants will submit a claim which details their injuries and is supported by medical records. Claimants with more serious injuries typically receive higher settlements. Given that vision loss is a life-altering circumstance for patients and families, these lawsuits may lead to substantial settlement payouts. Some damages sought include expenses for medical treatments, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of earning capabilities and wages, as well as expenses for all physical and mental pain and suffering caused.

How do I decide on a lawyer for my Elmiron lawsuit?

A few factors can be helpful in deciding on the lawyer you want to represent you in your Elmiron lawsuit. It’s helpful to work with someone you feel comfortable with. When communicating with a potential lawyer, see if they listen to all of your concerns carefully and answer all of your questions in a way that you can understand. You’ll also want to know about their fee structure. Most lawyers that take on class action lawsuits work with clients on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee basis means that an attorney will only get paid if your lawsuit succeeds. Experience with Elmiron and other mass torts is important.  Ask the attorney how many mass tort cases they have taken to trial, the results, and their experience as a trial attorney.  While statistically most of these cases will settle, you want an attorney willing to take your case to trial if need be.  Attorneys who handle a high inventory of cases may be more likely to settle with manufacturers but important to you is your settlement, not how much the attorney can earn by settling his high inventory.  Frequently manufacturers will require a certain per centage of the inventory be settled or there will be no settlement.

The attorney fee is typically a percentage of the amount awarded in your case. Make sure that you get this agreement in writing before you decide to work with the attorney. Last, the experience should be an important factor. Some lawyers will highlight the cases and settlements that they’ve won for their clients. It’s good to hire a lawyer who has had a history of involvement in multi district litigation.  You can ask the attorney when they last filed a mass tort lawsuit  and whether they’ll handle the case personally or have another lawyer in the firm work on it.

Consider retaining Tom Plouff as your attorney to file your case in Cook County, Chicago, Illinois, or Indiana or elsewhere on vision loss with Elmiron.  He is always glad to talk with you regardless of who you ultimately decide should be your attorney.


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