What is Product Liability?

Product liability

Have you been severely injured by a product which had a significant malfunction? Believe it or not, this is an immensely common issue here in the United Stated. If you´re looking for a product liability lawyer here in Chicago, you´ve come to the right place. Most times, these cases are complicated and difficult to solve. The reason behind this lies in the fact that here in Chicago you will find are a lot of restrictions that may prevent you from winning the case and getting a significant compensation. This being said, you should hire a proficient and experienced attorney.

Why are these cases so complicated?

Winning these kind of cases may be a real pain if you don´t retain a proficient and highly experienced lawyer. This is because here in Chicago some legal theories are better than others depending on the case. More precisely, there are two theories that will strongly influence the nature and outcome of your case. They are both based in time windows that, when expired, will mean you cannot bring a strict product liability case to the court. However, you still have the option to have a product liability case based on negligence.

You will need the help of a professional attorney to have a better understanding of the time frames previously mentioned. In spite of the complications that may arise due to these existing restrictions in Chicago, I will bring an effective a significant case to the court.

There is another existing law in Illinois that may also complicate your case. If the case involves a non-manufacturing defendant, the court may dismiss them from the case. These circumstances occur when the defendant is a distributor rather than the manufacturer.

Once more, Illinois law is not a significant impediment for me to help you resolve this case. This is because there are exceptions in which the non-manufacturing defendant will not be allowed out of the case. Basically, if that distributor knew of the malfunction or participated on the manufacturing of the product, they will not be allowed out . This is an advantage that will not remain unseen.

As you can see, embarking on a case of this nature will be an immensely complicated task if you do it without the help of a professional attorney. The defendant of the case will use each and every single one of these restrictions and regulations to win the case. Fortunately for you, I have a vast knowledge of all the laws and regulations that apply here in Chicago. You can be certain that I will let no one deceive you.

I care about you

I´m a lawyer who always does his best so justice prevails. I´m a professional who always gets involved in each case. I will do everything at my reach to assure that you win the product liability case.

If you´re looking for an accomplished product liability lawyer in Chicago, I would be glad to speak with you. Contact me if you have further questions or want to know a little bit more about product liability cases. Remember I´m always available to help people who may benefit from my legal assistance.


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