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Plouff Law has years of experience in cases in the Chicago area involving traumatic brain injury, closed head brain injury and other catastrophic injuries.

An $11.11 million jury verdict was obtained by Tom Plouff on behalf of a client who had a brain infection due to bacterial meningitis that went undiagnosed in a hospital emergency department. The damages part of this case was fairly clear, the lady was going to have to live in a nursing home the rest of her life and, just by looking at her, the jury could tell there was something seriously wrong. Traumatic brain injury cases, on the other hand, can present serious issues when it comes to communicating to the jury how the injury affects lives. This is because in so-called “mild” brain injury cases the person may look and sound perfectly normal. However, I have heard many times from loved ones about how lives get turned upside down from traumatic brain injury. Many times these dramatic changes result in a loss of emotional “affect.”

In one case I had an electrician who went back to work as an electrician following a traumatic brain injury. His co-workers learned they could no longer trust him to act safely. He was a danger to himself and to others. To this day I remember discussing with him how frequently when I hear the national anthem, or see a movie like Rocky, or listen to music, I get kind of a tingling, tearing feeling. He said that he no longer could experience things like that. How sad.

Sad, but how do you get a jury to appreciate and value what a person with traumatic brain injury experiences every day? The witnesses come from work and play. So-called “before and after” witnesses who give the jury the contrast in life. Also, a very important witness in every traumatic brain injury case, who must be able to communicate effectively with the jury, is a neuropsychologist. The battery of tests administered to the client will frequently reveal deficits in different lobes of the brain. Through a neuropsycholist we prove to juries in a concrete, scientific manner what has happened.

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