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I practice extensively in Chicago on behalf of persons who persons who have suffered amputations.

Amputation Attorney Tom PlouffThe finality of amputation, that the amputee has lost a part of their body that will be gone forever, never to be seen or felt again, is something that a jury should be able to appreciate instinctively. As part of the recovery in a case, the jury will have to be educated as to the cost of future prosthetic care. In order to do this a life care planner will typically project into the future what the cost of the prosthetics will be and this can run into the millions of dollars. So even though jurors nowadays are reluctant to award millions of dollars, they will if you give them a good reason to.

Once you put a credible life care plan into evidence, during closing argument the trial attorney can argue, as I have done, that for any juror who thinks that this life care plan provides for too much money, tell your fellow jurors what item is in this life care plan that you think the plaintiff does not need. This will oftentimes result in the jury giving the victim of amputation all the money necessary for future care. I also believe that once you convince the jury that the defendant acted negligently, then the amputee should receive the best of prosthetic care regardless of cost.

Typically the treating prosthetist will be a very helpful witness but that prosthetist must make themselves aware of what is the best that is on the market as that is what the jury should be asked for if the best is what will make for a better life.

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