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Fetal Distress / Lack of Oxygen

Another common type of birth injury medical malpractice case can be how a physician and nursing staff respond to fetal distress due to a lack of oxygen. This can cause brain damage and other significant disabilities. In a recent case, a mom was a week past her due date when her doctors induced labor with the drug Pitocin. But too much of the drug was administered and this caused too strong, too close together, contractions that caused severe insults to the baby. The baby suffered brain damage due to lack of oxygen, which could have been avoided by reasonable, prompt and timely actions by the physician and nurses.

Sometimes it takes too long for the physician to get to the bedside of a woman who needs a caesarian section. There are standards that apply. If those standards are not met, it can usually be proven that more likely than not the baby would not have suffered brain damage or death had the doctor responded to a timely page by the nurses. Sometimes the nurses take too long to page the physician and that can result in the hospital taking responsibility for the negligence of their nurses.

Each of these cases must be carefully evaluated for merit. If meritorious the baby and family deserve to be represented in court by an attorney who will fight for your rights.

Birth Injury Attorney

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