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Cerebral palsy is caused by an abnormality or disruption in brain development, usually before a child is born. It sometimes can be caused by the physician or hospital that delivers the baby.  These cases are often based on not recognizing fetal distress, as shown by the fetal monitor, and not responding to the warning signs on an emergency basis.  In some cases, the exact trigger of the cerebral palsy is not known, and there are various factors that may lead to problems in the brain such as random mutations in genes that control brain development; maternal infections that affect the developing fetus; fetal stroke, a disruption of blood supply to the developing brain; lack of oxygen to the brain (asphyxia) related to difficult labor or delivery; infant infections that cause inflammation in or around the brain; traumatic head injury to an infant from a motor vehicle accident, fall or child abuse.  If a birth injury case is brought on the basis that there was negligence, some times it is necessary to do genetic testing to rule that out as a cause of the cerebral palsy.  If you have a child with cerebral palsy, and would like the case reviewed to determine if there was negligence, please feel free to contact me.

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