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Birth Injuries 

Birth injuries can be complex. Sometimes, birth injuries are not detected for months – even years after.  A birth injury with legal implications must be a birth injury resulting from a medical mistake caused by a medical provider.

In the United States, anestheisia-related birth complications are a leading cause of pregnancy related deaths.

Other examples of birth injuries include: failure to order specific tests during pregnancy, not interpreting test results correctly, failure to treat conditions in the mother during pregnancy, failure to deliver via cesarean section if there is a problem during the birth, overuse of vacuum extraction, administration of too much medication, and failure to respond to the changing condition and position of the unborn baby during labor.

Sometimes a failure to diagnose (like preclamsia) can also lead to birth injuries. Other times the physician may cause a birth injury by departing from the way a reasonably prudent doctor should act. For example, birth injury cases relate to:

●  shoulder dystocia;
●  fetal distress due to lack of oxygen;
●  Erbs Palsy
●  cerebral palsy;
●  preclampsia
●  uterine rupture.

I have experience in birth injury cases.  If you are looking for a Chicago birth injury attorney, with experience in shoulder dystocia, fetal distress, and other birth injury issues, contact my office today.

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