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For a dog bite case in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois, there can be a case alleging a vilatin of the Animal Control Acrt.  In order to establish such a case the injured person must prove: (1) injury caused by an animal owned by the defendant; (2) the lack of provocation; (3) peaceable conduct of the person injured; and (4) the presence of the injured person in a place where he has a legal right to be.

The Animal Control Act defines “owner” as “any person having a right of property in a dog or other animal, or who keeps or harbors a dog or other animal, or who has it in his care, or acts as its custodian, or who knowingly permits a dog or other domestic animal to remain on or about any premise occupied by him.”  Ordinarily if a dog is on the defendant’s premises, the defendant will be considered the owner, however, owner has been consistently construed to involve some measure of care, custody or control.

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