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Construction Business – In Chicago, this is a boom or bust business and lately it has been booming in downtown Chicago. The trades, union members, are often put at unnecessary risk of injury on these construction sites. Millions of hardworking citizens and residents are employed from residential projects to civil engineering contracts, carpenters, engineers, architects and countless other construction workers. While the industry has successfully provided jobs to many, the inevitably increasing cases of construction accidents frequently happen at construction sites. As a result, many construction workers suffer from construction injures, many die from workplace accidents. In a construction accident, many parties may be responsible for the payment of damages to the injured worker and in addition to worker compensation benefits, there could also be a negligence lawsuit against a corporation(s) responsible for the accident. There also may be a potential products liability action available to the injured worker. Tom Plouff is qualified to handle your case.  Please contact us today for a free consultation.

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