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Medical negligence is spreading like fire in Illinois. Just like in other places, it is a leading cause of death. There’s a serious need to maintain a check on its severe effects. If you are affected by medical malpractice in Illinois you should consider filing a case against the putative healthcare professional. Medical negligence is, for example, the health care neglect of the doctor while providing therapy to a patient that result in some injury to the patient. Generally speaking, negligence actions in Illinois against a health care provider must be brought within 24 months from the date of negligence.

The wrongful death actions should also be filed within 2 years in this state. In Illinois, damages are available for loss of society and companionship among other things. Ordinarily an expert witness must be used in a medical malpractice action, including wrongful death.


A personal injury lawyer focuses primarily on bringing law suits against reckless or negligent conduct for the benefit of an injured party. These law suits to seek money damages. The complainant possesses the weight of evidence within accidental injury cases. A lawyer with an established track record in winning jury trials is important because even if your case is not tried the insurance company knows which lawyers tend to settle and which try cases, and it is generally thought those who try cases get better settlement value on cases. Tom Plouff is qualified to handle your case. Please contact us today for a free consultation.

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