Case Results

Unfortunate, traumatic events can happen throughout one’s lifetime. We know how vitally important settling your case is for you and your family to move forward in your life situation. Most recently we’ve helped victims from various backgrounds who were involved in very unique case circumstances.

Through our work we have been able to help victims and their families pay for medical expenses, loss of income, education expenses for children and health and rehabilitation expenses for several years to come. Below are a few brief examples of our recent case results.

Transvaginal Mesh Law Case Chicago
$35 Million

Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson

Hammond, Indiana: In the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana nine-person jury panel returned a verdict against Johnson & Johnson et al who specializes in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices after the jury found that the Johnson & Johnson marketed, sold, and recruited physicians worldwide to implant the controversial Ethicon Prolift mesh implant device for Pelvic Floor Repair in women that suffered with pelvic prolapse.
The verdict follows a nearly two-week jury trial that commenced on Monday; February 26th, 2018 till Thursday; March 8th, 2018, which resulted in the Kaisers’ favor against Johnson & Johnson et al. The jury found Johnson & Johnson et al. liable for its defective product for Pelvic organ prolapse repair. The jury found that the Defendants were negligent in the design of Prolift as an unreasonably dangerous product, where Mrs. Barbara Kaiser of Valparaiso, Indiana was injured. The jury found Ethicon deliberately failed to warn of the risks to Prolapse patients prior to consenting to the Prolift mesh implant surgery and sold a Prolift product in a defective and unreasonably dangerous condtion. It is one of the largest transvaginal mesh verdicts in the country.
$11.1 Million

Medical Malpractice

J.S. v. Victory Memorial Hospital, et al $11.11 million medical malpractice verdict. Woman goes to emergency department complaining of headache, ear ache, and sinus infection. Although initially the emergency department doctor chose to discharge her, she refused to leave when she had difficulty walking out of the hospital. A brain infection, a rare form of bacterial meningitis, was not diagnosed by the emergency department physician, thus the proper antibiotic was not administered, and everything plaintiff now does in her life, walking, speaking, thinking, have been affected by the failure to diagnose and she must now live in a nursing home setting for the rest of her life.
$5.36 Million

Slip and Fall

M. W. v. Rouse-Randhurst: $5.36 million slip and fall, construction negligence verdict. A 30-year-old plumber carrying a 50-pound toolbox seriously injured his right knee when he slipped and fell while at a construction jobsite. The man was walking across concrete insulation matting placed at the site. He slipped while stepping onto a curb and then banged his knee into the curb. The matting was used to insulate the ground for a planned pour of concrete. Our theory was that the use of the matting violated a local construction ordinance because it was not slip-resistant. The defendants offered a total of $250,000.00 to settle the case. This is the record high for a knee injury on a slip-and fall case in the State of Illinois.
$1.2 Million

Construction Negligence

C.C. v. S.C. Food Services and Manch Wok: $1.2 million construction negligence verdict. Union tile setter was going from one side of the fast food counter to the other when a dry wall bucket he used for support went out from under him and he suffered a compression fraction of a lumbar vertebrae when he fell to the ground. The owner had failed to provide a ladder in violation of local ordinance for safety
$4.1 Million

Wrongful Death

O. L. v. USAA: $4.1 million settlement for woman who died at work. The client’s employer’s building underwent a major renovation, designed and built by the landlord. The local village required the entire building, not just the renovated area, to be brought up to code. Our client died in a fire while performing her job the same way she had for years, pursuant to a decades-old protocol. We sued the landlord, claiming that there would have been no fire had the area where our client was working been brought up to code.
$3 Million

Medical Malpractice Settlement

A woman underwent a kidney transplant, but she then developed nausea and vomiting. On the morning she died, she was doing well enough to tell her husband to go ahead and go to work while she stayed at home. Our theory in this medical malpractice case was that the woman should have been put on antibiotics as a matter of course (prophylactically), because she was being immuno suppressed with anti-rejection drugs at the time and was unable to fight off ordinary infections.

Cases of Interest

Plouff Law is active on many different fronts in the fight for justice. Unfortunately, there are more victims of personal injury, product liability and medical malpractice as ever. Staying on top of these legal developments, Tom Plouff is the attorney of choice for the complex cases listed below.


Actos Lawsuit
The FDA is has approved updated drug labels for pioglitazone containing medicines including the popular diabetes drug Actos. Actos is usually prescribed to treat Type 2 Diabetes. Learn more out the current Actos Lawsuit and the latest updates.

Chantix Lawsuit
FDA Warns About Use of Chantix By Those Suffering from Heart Disease. Controversial smoking cessation drug may increase risk of heart attack in those suffering from heard disease. Learn for about the latest Chantix Lawsuit information.

Darvon-Darvocet Lawsuit
Popular pain killers may cause heart issues, some potentially fatal. Learn the risks and latest Darvon Darvocet Lawsuit updates here.

Depuy Hip Implant Lawsuit
The first settlements in cases involving the DePuy ASR hip implant devices have been reached. The DePuy ASR hip implant devices were recalled in August 2010 after complaints that they had failed in large numbers. Learn more about the Depuy Hip Implant Lawsuit and how you may get compensation if affected.

Chicago FELA Attorney
Our most recently filed FELA case in Chicago concerns a railroad worker who was in a company vehicle on a highway when he lost control of it. Learn more about cases which require a FELA attorney here.

Styker Hip Implant Recall Lawsuit
Prior to their recall in July 2012, over 20,000 Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II hip replacement systems were sold in the United States. Lawsuits have been filed due to issues surrounding the performance of the hip replacements systems. Learn more about the Styker Hip Implant Lawsuit.

Table Saw Accidents
Plaintiffs have filed table saw lawsuits in different states throughout the country alleging that several brands, including Black & Decker, Ryobi Technologies, Inc., Home Depot U.S.A., Inc., Sears & Roebuck, Co. and One World Technologies, contain defective designs and inadequate safety features that resulted in an injury.

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit
We have filed another transvaginal mesh lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia, this one against American Medical Systems, Inc., for its allegedly defective AMS Monarc Subfascial Hammock and AMS Perigee System with IntePro Lite (both products collectively referred to as the “Product”). In that complaint we allege that the Product was implanted in the patient to treat stress urinary incontinence, which is what the transvaginal mesh implant is designed for.

Zoloft Lawsuit
Lawsuits have been filed against drug maker Pfizer alleging that they knew of the risk between the use of their drug by pregnant women and congenital birth defects in newborns. Learn more about Zoloft lawsuits and how many victims may be affected.