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Amputations Caused by Defective Table Saws

table-saw-accident-attorney-chicagoPlaintiffs have filed table saw lawsuits in different states throughout the country alleging that several brands contain defective designs and inadequate safety features that resulted in an injury. Currently they have filed a petition to consolidate the cases in one court for pretrial litigation as part of a Multi-district Litigation (MDL).

Defendants named in the table saw lawsuits include Black & Decker, Ryobi Technologies, Inc., Home Depot U.S.A., Inc., Sears & Roebuck, Co. and One World Technologies.

The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multi-district Litigation has scheduled a hearing on the motion for July 30, 2009, to review whether the table saw cases involve sufficient common questions of fact and if the cases qualify for coordinated handling under the Federal rules.

All of the table saw product liability lawsuits charge that manufacturers and distributors acted negligently in using outdated and ineffective safety technology involving the blade guard, resulting in various injuries ranging from lacerations to severe disfigurement.

The plaintiffs indicate that all of the cases involve table saws that were outfitted with substantially similar and defective guarding systems. The complaints allege that the manufacturers failed to include a flash-detection technology, which has been known in the table saw industry since 2000 as an alternative safety design that substantially mitigates or prevents serious injury from contact with a spinning blade. The table saws also allegedly lacked a “riving knife”, which is an inexpensive attachment that can prevent a piece of cut wood from kicking back at the operator. Many of those injuries could have been prevented with an additional safety device.

The table saw litigation currently involves 43 different product liability lawsuits.

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