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bard powerport lawsuit

Bard Powerport Lawsuit

The Bard PowerPort, or “BardPort,” is a port catheter device that may be implanted subcutaneously and used for intravenous fluid or pharmaceutical administration. The Bard PowerPort is prone to breaking and shifting out of position because of problems in its design and production. There is a risk of internal vascular damage and other severe injuries.

Product liability lawsuits are being filed against Bard Access Systems, the manufacturer of the PowerPort implants, by people who claim to have been harmed by the company’s design flaws. The FDA issued a class 2 recall for all three versions of the Bard PowerPort device in March 2020. The Bard PowerPort recall is due to the potential for serious injuries, including infection in the circulation, blood clots, catheter fracture, catheter migration, thrombosis, and even death. The defective Bard PowerPort device was causing different issues for each individual. After Bard implemented steps to address the device issues, the FDA lifted the recall in February 2022.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a broken, migrated, or otherwise defective Bard PowerPort implantable port or port catheter device, please get in touch with our law firm as soon as possible to see if you should file a claim.

Do You Qualify for the Bard PowerPort Lawsuit?

If the medical device your doctor implanted port device was a Bard PowerPort device and you were injured as a result, you may be able to file a Bard PowerPort lawsuit. If you want to know whether you qualify, you must see an experienced injury lawyer.

You may want to be involved in the Bard implantable PowerPort litigation should you have any of these complications that can happen as a result of the implant:

  • Clots in the blood vessel (e.g., a pulmonary embolism or a deep vein thrombosis);
  • Cardiac punctures;
  • Bruising, bleeding, or hematoma;
  • Infection;
  • Death of tissues (necrosis);
  • Fluid accumulation around the heart, also known as pericardial effusion;
  • Extreme or persistent pain;
  • Blood artery, organ, or tissue tearing or perforation.

When you contact an injury attorney, they will inquire about your experience with the Bard PowerPort catheters following their delivery. Should you choose to contact the Law Offices of Tom Plouff, about a Bard PowerPort implant, please compile a list of your symptoms and a medical history of your problems. A lawyer can assist you in getting your medical records if you need them to confirm a diagnosis.

We look forward to working on Bard PowerPort cases due to these faulty medical devices, and many more individuals are expected to submit. Because the statute of limitations varies by state, getting legal counsel as soon as possible is critical. Filing a case before the statute of limitations runs out may protect your entitlement to compensation.

2023 Bard PowerPort Lawsuit Updates

August 17, 2023: In the most recent Bard PowerPort case filed in the new MDL class action, a Kansas woman got a Bard PowerPort implant through her right internal jugular vein to aid her breast cancer chemotherapy. Years later, she experienced issues with her Bard Port, including a hematoma, arm soreness, and a high fever. The doctors ordered an X-ray and blood tests because they suspected the injection port had a bloodstream infection.

Her infected catheter had to be surgically removed. According to the complaint, she suffered severe and persistent pain and continues to suffer from various bard PowerPort complications due to the faulty device. These include hospital visits due to catheter infections, an increased chance of suffering severe, long-term injuries, acute mental anguish, and a constant fear of imminent consequences, particularly bloodstream infections.

Her Bard PowerPort complaint claims that, despite being aware of the inherent hazards of the PowerPort, the defendants purposefully kept the Plaintiff and her physicians in the dark. Several PowerPort-related infection instances had been reported to the Defendants before the Plaintiff’s implantation, with no mistakes on the part of the healthcare practitioners.

Nonetheless, according to the Bard PowerPort lawsuit, the Defendants actively advertised the PowerPort as a safe choice. They misattributed these issues to factors other than the catheter’s design and substance via multiple marketing channels, including use instructions and sales rep meetings with the Plaintiff’s physicians. There was an obvious lack of candor with the Plaintiff and her doctors regarding the genuine danger of infections associated with the Bard PowerPort catheter.

August 12, 2023: As predicted, Bard PowerPort lawsuits against Bard PowerPort filed in federal court will be consolidated before one judge in Multidistrict litigation (MDL).

Whether Bard understands it or not, this is the greatest thing for everyone. An MDL will expedite pretrial discovery and make a Bard PowerPoint settlement much more likely.

July 25, 2023: The United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) heard oral arguments on whether to consolidate Bard PowerPort cases under a single judge for coordinated discovery and pretrial processes.

This procedure, known as Multidistrict Litigation (MDL), may benefit plaintiffs. In recent months, there has been an increase in product liability lawsuits filed in various U.S. District Courts across the country, with each suit raising similar allegations about complications from Bard PowerPort or comparable Bard implantable port catheter systems, which are implanted beneath the skin to allow for a simple way to deliver medication, such as chemotherapy.

The benefit of combining these cases into an MDL  is enhanced efficiency and uniformity in decisions, which may lead to more equitable results for victims. Furthermore, MDL helps to minimize the duplication of discovery efforts, lowering plaintiffs’ legal expenses.

June 21, 2023: Despite increasing federal lawsuits against Bard PowerPort, all stating identical accusations of significant difficulties owing to the port catheter design, the company opposes the drive to combine these cases under a single judge for pretrial hearings. The plaintiffs argue that the Bard implantable catheter Ports are defective by design, resulting in infections, fractures, blood clots, and other complications.

June 12, 2023: A motion was filed seeking the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to combine all Bard PowerPort product liability litigation in federal courts into a new MDL. According to the motion, ten PowerPort litigation is already pending in different federal districts. However, the motion implies that the number of instances will skyrocket during the following year.

What complications are associated with this device?

Injuries and consequences with Bard PowerPorts may vary from moderate to severe. Infections in the bloodstream, embolisms, broken or migrated catheters, DVTs, lasting damage, and tragic deaths are all examples of serious complications. Many women have had to file lawsuits due to these complications against Bard access systems Inc.

A broken PowerPort is a frequent problem that may lead to catastrophic injuries and serious vascular system damage. Bard PowerPort implants often have complications like port-site infections. When the device cracks or degrades, the faulty material lets bacteria in, which may cause a serious infection.

The PowerPort is prone to migration after implantation due to design defects that also render it prone to fractures. Surgery is typically necessary to remove the devices and handle health complications, which is often an emergency procedure.

Why Choose Plouff Law Firm to Handle Your Bard Lawsuit

You shouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of your injuries from a Bard PowerPort device alone. Plouff Law looks forward to representing you to obtain a just result. We will pursue meritorious legal actions on behalf of people who have been harmed by Bard PowerPort devices. We have extensive experience obtaining settlements against medical device manufacturers.

If a Bard PowerPort device has injured you or a loved one, please contact Tom Plouff now for a free consultation. We’ll get back to you immediately with some recommendations on proceeding legally and whether it makes sense to file a Bard PowerPort lawsuit.


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