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Wrongful Death Lawyer Chicago

I am a Chicago wrongful death attorney with experience litigating wrongful death cases. I have helped dozens of survivors pursue wrongful death actions.

As a qualified wrongful death lawyer in Chicago I can say that when a person dies as a result of the negligence of another, there typically is a wrongful death action that can be brought by next of kin and, sometimes, what is called a survival action. If the decedent is survived by a spouse, the decedent’s parents and siblings are not considered next of kin for purposes of bringing a wrongful death lawyer’s action in Illinois. If a decedent is survived only by parents and children, the wrongful death action can only be brought for the benefit of the children.

Once the defendant’s negligence is proven in a wrongful death action in Chicago, then your Chicago wrongful death attorney can prove to a jury the amount of money that will reasonably and fairly compensate the next of kin for the pecuniary loss proved by the evidence to have resulted to the next of kin (e.g., child from the death of a parent). “Pecuniary loss” may include loss of money, benefits, goods, services, and society. In 2007, the wrongful death act was amended so that pecuniary injuries now include damages for grief, sorrow, and mental suffering, to the surviving spouse and next of kin of the decedent.

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